Great Ways to Find Perfect Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Partner?

Take it from people who know – your wife is going to be expecting you to pull out all the stops for your wedding anniversary, especially if it’s a significant milestone. You need to find a wedding anniversary gift for her that is going to make her weak at the knees. She won’t be impressed with the fact that you remembered because she’s probably been dropping hints about it for weeks. What will impress is that you’ve put thought into her gift and picked one that shows you really care.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries has been going on for centuries and ever since a comprehensive list was compiled in 1937, we’ve had inspiration to guide us with anniversary themes. There’s a theme associated with nearly every passing year so take note because they are a great way to inject a little variety into the occasion. On the next few pages we’ll be looking at some great ideas for wedding anniversary gifts. Some will be linked with the relevant theme and some will be completely different.

Why is it important to celebrate wedding anniversaries?

anniversary gift ideasThere are some very good reasons for celebrating your wedding anniversary. It’s an opportunity to show your appreciation, gratitude and celebrate the love that you share with your partner. Another year of married life has passed and you’re still together. Life, after all, isn’t very kind or sympathetic to relationships. Sometimes it can be downright cruel and indeed a bit of a slog, because there are so many things that can get in the way of enjoying it. It’s all too easy to throw the towel in, rather than try to work through the problems. Hence the high divorce rate nowadays. You, on the other hand, have stuck with it and here you are looking back at another year together. So what better time to roll out the red carpet and look forward to another year together, as well as remember those gone by.

Not all couples celebrate every passing year with fanfares and trumpets, but most choose to mark the occasion by exchanging gifts. In the early years of married life it’s probably easy to come up suitable anniversary gift ideas. Your relationship is getting really strong now and romance is still high on the agenda. However, as the years pass, material needs lessen, making it increasingly hard to think of something different. There are a couple of anniversary lists that give each passing year a theme, which can make it even more difficult. Some of you however, may appreciate the helpful suggestions each one of them brings. But which is the best list to follow?

Traditional or modern anniversary themes – which are the best to follow?

Let’s take a look at the alternatives offered by the two different lists, and then it’s really up to you which you use, or whether you decide to find something completely different. There is no hard and fast rule. Whatever works for you and your wife will be the best anniversary gifts.

Years one to twenty
During the early years of married life there is a constant run of annual gift themes. The traditional list of anniversary gift themes has a theme for each of the passing years, with some alternatives offered up by the modern list of anniversary themes. For some of the years the gift themes are the same but for some years there is a more modern option. Copper, wool, tin and paper are gifts that would have been easy to come by in days gone by but appliances, desk sets and even a vehicle are more suited for modern life.

Years twenty to fifty
The traditional list has themes for every fifth year, while the modern still has a suggestion for every year. The reason for this might be that modern couples need to do everything they can to keep their love and romance alive this far down the line. The major milestones have the same theme in both lists but the modern list adds themes such as musical instruments, sapphires and jade.

Fifty years and beyond
A fiftieth wedding anniversary is deserving of a gift made of gold, hence the popular name, a golden wedding anniversary. After that it’s precious stones all the way.

As you can see there are great options whichever route you follow, there is in fact no right or wrong answer. And some would say that anything is better than nothing. In the early years it’s completely up to you, after that the lists are pretty much the same, which means you might want to think about giving your beloved something completely different.

Time to look at some of the different anniversary gift ideas for her.

Anniversary gift baskets – one option for great anniversary wedding anniversary gift ideas

Rather than following the theme from one of the anniversary gift lists a great alternative can be to create an anniversary gift basket. Filled with some of your wifes favourite things, finding several smaller gifts might be easier than choosing one gift that blows her away. They can also be great anniversary gift ideas for a couple of friends or family members. They can be made totally unique and filled with items that are tailored to the couples taste. You can buy gift hampers ready made, but we think there’s more fun and feeling to be had by making one of your own.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For him and herGift hampers for the food lover
If the recipient of your anniversary gift is a foodie there will be nothing better than a basket filled with delectable treats. What are the kind of foods they love to eat, and what tipple do they prefer to wash it all down with? Cheese and wine, cookies and cake, exotic spices or unusual ingredients for a gourmet meal – all will work equally well for the couple that love their food.

Gift hampers for the couple that long to relax
Do the couple work long hours and find it difficult to relax? Are they always running around taking care of the needs of other people, with little to spare for themselves? How about a basket filled with relaxing bath products, scented candles and aromatherapy oils? Include a gift coupon for their local spa, and they’ll be able to get away from it all and really let their hair down.

A breakfast gift basket
Everyone enjoys a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, to wake them up and prepare for the day. A gift basket that contains a wide variety of good morning beverages will definitely be well received. Make sure you include their favourite beverage, along with some alternatives they wouldn’t normally consider buying. Add some fresh fruit and other breakfast items and you’ve created the best possible start to an anniversary day.

Chocoholics alert
Do you actually know anybody who doesn’t love chocolate? We couldn’t think of anyone, so you probably won’t be able to either. Hence the suggestion of a chocolate gift basket. Not one made of chocolate of course, although that would be a brilliant idea. This gift basket could be filled with chocolate delights such as a selection of chocolate bars, chocolate covered fruit, plain, milk, or white chocolate treats along with hot chocolate to drink and gourmet chocolates as well as those you would normally buy.

Create a date night basket
Do you and your loved one get much time together – without anyone else being around? Have you both got work and family commitments as well as pets to take care of, leaving you very little time for each other? Take the opportunity to spend a night together, doing something you both enjoy. Fill the basket with some ingredients for a tasty meal, and then enjoy cooking it together. You’ll need to get a babysitter for the children or get your mom and dad to look after them for you, but hopefully that won’t be an issue. This is your wedding anniversary and it’s important that you spend it together. Include a movie in the basket, some snacks to enjoy while watching it and some bubble bath so you can both relax.

One last suggestion for anniversary gift ideas for her is to enjoy an experience together.

Anniversary gift ideas can be exciting

Before we finish up on this page we’re going to look at one more wedding anniversary gift idea for her. This is the kind of gift that you can enjoy together which means it’ll be even more fun. One of the best anniversary gifts we’ve come across is to give your wife an experience day. Excellent wedding anniversary gift ideas if you feel that you already done the whole tangible gift thing.

You could take a hot air balloon ride, go white water rafting, fly over a city in a helicopter or jump out of a plane. Why not consider salsa dancing lessons, gourmet cooking classes, a wine tasting tour, or an evening at the restaurant of a world renowned chef?

Whatever you choose we know it’s going to be memorable, and after all that is what really counts.