The Secret of Great Wedding Anniversary Gift Buying for a One Year Celebration

Congratulations, you’ve made it through your first year of married life together. Time to tackle one of your most important challenges so far – coming up with some first anniversary gift ideas. Some say that the first year is the hardest, others say the hard work has only just begun. Whichever camp you might be leaning towards, you are bound to agree that the occasion is worth marking by exchanging gifts with your partner. You want to let your other half know how important the last year has been and that you’re looking forward to many more.

The traditional gift theme is paper, while the modern theme is a clock. You’re probably thinking “What kind of memorable gift is made of paper, and why is that the theme for a first anniversary?” There are lots of gifts that are suitable if you’re looking for something related to paper and we’ll be looking at some of them a little further down this page. Paper was chosen because it’s made up of a number of interlocking threads, much like your blossoming marriage. The modern theme is clocks, a symbol of the everlasting time you’ll be spending together.

Whatever you choose, your first anniversary gifts are going to be memorable, and we’ll be making sure that happens, without too much stress and worry.

Ideas for first anniversary gifts made of

1st wedding anniversaryPaper… doesn’t sound very inspiring or indeed romantic come to that. There are however, some truly inspiring 1st anniversary gift ideas if you’re looking for something that’s traditional. You know your wife loves receiving flowers, and is always so disappointed when they fade and eventually die. A bouquet of paper flowers would be a thoughtful alternative. A bunch of origami flowers will last much longer and be a longer lasting reminder of your special anniversary day. If you’re up for the challenge you could buy the materials and make it yourself. There are ready made kits for origami flowers, or you can find instructions online.

Give each other the gift of time

Good first anniversary gifts, if you’ve decided to take inspiration from the modern theme, are gifts of time. And what better way than giving your wife a clock-themed gift? You can always add a special touch by getting the back engraved with a sweet message of your undying love. If your wife isn’t a great lover of wrist watches, head down to the local antique store, and see if you can find a suitable time-piece to sit on the mantelpiece or next to the bed. Every morning she’ll wake up next to it and be reminded of your special first anniversary day.

Relive your wedding day or first date

It may only have been twelve months ago but the memory of your special day is bound to have faded. Take a step back in time and revisit the location you tied the knot, and why not take a picnic? Hopefully there won’t be another couple, about to start their journey, to get in the way. However you might have exchanged your vows in a far distant country in which case why not relive your first date? This chance for a nostalgic trip will make you feel like new lovers again and rekindle the flames of first love. What better way to start the second year of married life?

First anniversary gift ideas that are romantic

As you can now see there are lots of options if you’re looking for good 1st anniversary gift ideas, whether you choose the traditional or modern themes. Now you might be wondering how you can make the day more romantic. Here are a few suggestions:

Be inventive – Have you got any artistic leanings? Do you have a creative side that you rarely get to use? As paper is the traditional theme why not write a love poem? Gather together some of your memorable photos and pop them all in a decorative frame. Alternatively create an anniversary scrapbook, that can used to keep all your memories together.

Make your anniversary day specialAnniversaries aren’t meant to be spent toiling away at the office. Book the day off and take your wife out for the day. Book the day off for your wife as well, but don’t tell her. Offer to drive her to work and then take a detour to somewhere memorable. She’s definitely going to be surprised, and in a good way. Your day doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It could involve a walk in the park, lunch at a favourite restaurant, an afternoon of relaxing on the beach or a trip to the zoo. What’s most important is that you spend the day together, doing something that you can both enjoy and relishing in the love that you share.

Enjoy a dinner for two – While it’s always nice to go out for dinner why not cook something at home for her instead? A special dinner cooked by you will be pretty romantic, so you’d better get the cookbooks out and start practising.

What you need to know about choosing good first anniversary gifts

Dipped Poker Cards for himEveryone is different and no two relationships are ever the same. While we are more than happy to offer up some ideas for first anniversary gifts the final pick is all down to you. You need to consider the gifts that your partner would like to receive as well as the current state of your relationship. Sentimentality is the order of the day for your first anniversary gifts, and this is your chance to show her your loyalty and affection. Get it right and it’s only going to strengthen your relationship. There are a few things you can think about that will make your gift more memorable. Her taste and preferences, her personality, and of course whether she’d prefer a traditional or modern anniversary gift are just a few suggestions.

However you choose to celebrate, make sure you pay your respects to each other, the love you share and all the future years still to come. Relax and enjoy your first anniversary – it’s the first of many.