Awesome Gift Ideas for a Second Wedding Anniversary

Twenty four months have passed now and you’ve likely settled into the whole marriage thing. You’ve learnt a lot about each other during the last two years. Thankfully there weren’t any skeletons in the closet, and you’re about to celebrate your second wedding anniversary. If you’ve just started thinking about suitable 2nd anniversary gifts the good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Our website is dedicated to providing couples, friends and family members with some awesome anniversary gift ideas.

happy 2nd anniversaryTraditional 2nd wedding anniversary gifts are generally made of cotton, while the modern theme is china. Why is cotton used for the traditional second anniversary theme? It’s representative of the comfortable and warm feeling you’re experiencing after two years of marriage. Luxurious cotton bed linen would be an obvious second wedding anniversary gift idea but you can also choose cotton clothing, a cotton hammock for relaxing in the garden, or a cotton plant you can watch grown. More modern gifts include a china dinner service, mugs, china picture frames or candlestick holders. These are just a few quick suggestions to tickle your taste buds before we go into a little more detail.

Second wedding anniversary gift ideas – Traditional cotton

If you and your spouse like to stick with traditions then cotton gifts are the answer. Cotton is known for its warmth, durability, strength, comfort and versatility. Do you feel the same qualities in your marriage? Hence the second anniversary traditional theme. There are heaps of 2nd anniversary gifts made of cotton, so finding the right one for each other is going to be a piece of cake. To make the decision a little easier let’s give you a few suitable suggestions.

  • For the lady that loves her toiletries – a bag of cotton wool and a love letter that tells her she’s the most beautiful woman in your life.
  • Egyptian cotton bed linen that will be a dream to sleep on.
  • Cotton towels for your days on the beach.
  • A bouquet of cotton flowers and a card that includes a heartfelt message.
  • Matching t-shirts with suitable personalization – ‘His and hers’, or maybe ‘Soulmates forever’ or some other endearing words.
  • Have your gifts as the prize at the end of a treasure hunt, or lead your spouse to their second wedding anniversary gift by making them follow a cotton thread.
  • Matching cotton aprons, his for when he’s in charge of the BBQ and hers for in the kitchen.
  • A hand embroidered anniversary picture to adorn the wall.
  • Cotton dressing gowns with monogrammed pockets to keep you cosy when you step out of the shower.
  • Cotton socks if his sock drawer needs an update.

Moving on with some modern 2nd wedding anniversary gifts.

Second wedding anniversary gift ideas – Fine china

The modern alternative for a second anniversary theme is china. Time to add a few place settings to your wedding day dinner service or one of the following 2nd anniversary gifts.

  • Gift Ideas for a Second Wedding AnniversaryCup and saucer set of porcelain china
  • China teapot
  • Personalized mugs for your morning cuppa
  • Porcelain ornament, figurine or statuette
  • China vase for all those bouquets you plan to buy in the future
  • Decorative china anniversary plates or plaques
  • A porcelain doll that could be the start of a collection
  • China picture with a photo of you on your wedding day

Anniversary gift themes are a great way to give your partner something different every year, but some of you may prefer to come up something completely different. Anniversaries are a great time for spending with your beloved so why not go on a trip?

A perfect second wedding anniversary gift – a trip to China

When you’re looking at the modern theme for a second anniversary china is the suggestion. However it doesn’t mention what kind of china. How about you enjoy a vacation in the country of China? Not china is the strict sense of the word but we think it’s still a relevant interpretation. China is a country that will take more than a couple of weeks of your time, if that is you want to see as much of it as possible. Spend a couple of weeks there this anniversary and go back in subsequent years. We’re pretty sure that the wonders of China will have you enthralled, and you’ll want to go back and see more of it whenever you can.

As well as exchanging gifts try and spend your anniversary doing something different

Variety is the spice of life, at least that’s what people say, and we have to agree because it’s all too easy to get stuck in the same old routine. Keep your marriage fresh by trying out some new experiences, and an anniversary is a great excuse to break with your normal routine. Are there some activities you’ve both been longing to try? Is there something you’d both like to learn more about? Do you fancy being pampered for the day? You might not be able to afford a trip to China but you can definitely afford an experience day. Make your day memorable with one of the following options:

  • Horse-riding in the Rockies
  • Gourmet cooking classes
  • Learn how to play golf like a pro
  • Visit a theme park or zoo
  • Try your hand at an exciting adventure sport

Tips on making your second anniversary memorable

eternity_roseYou may have already heard the patter of tiny feet so make sure that there’s someone to babysit so you can spend some time together without any other responsibilities or interruptions.
Second wedding anniversaries aren’t traditionally celebrated with family and friends, unless you want to make a big occasion of it. Save the anniversary party for more significant milestones such as your tenth, twentieth, twenty fifth, fortieth or fiftieth.
See if you can still fit into your wedding clothes and take your wife out for dinner. If your wife’s wedding dress is a little over the top for a dinner date buy her a new cotton outfit or have her wedding dress altered to make it more suitable, Always a good idea, rather than leaving it to gather dust at the back of a cupboard. We happen to think it’s a little sad that such a beautiful dress only gets one wearing. Have it altered into something a little more everyday and you can wear it on lots of different occasions, not just for your wedding anniversary dinner.

Happy second anniversary and let there be many anniversary celebrations to come.