How to Celebrate Your Golden Anniversary – With the Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

You’ve reached your golden wedding anniversary. Fifty years of married life shows that there is true resilience and flexibility in your relationship. A time honoured way to mark such an important occasion is by exchanging 50th wedding anniversary gifts. So what are you planning to get for your spouse? We’re guessing that the reason you’ve found the way to this particular page is that you’re looking for some inspiration. You’re in luck because 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas are one of our specialties.

Gold is the traditional theme for 50th anniversary gift ideas, as well as being the modern alternative. Way back in history the tradition started when a husband gave his wife a garland made of gold to mark a fiftieth wedding anniversary. The celebration would have been a remarkable event, because not many couples stayed in good health long enough to reach such a significant milestone. A golden garland or wreath might not be suitable for today’s modern couples so how about a few alternative ideas.

Gift ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary and how to pick the best ones

Gifts for herYou’ve already decided that a traditional gift is what you’re looking for, and are pretty sure a golden garland is not a good choice, so what else is there? A gold necklace or cufflinks are definitely going to more appreciated, after all they will be made of gold, so perfectly fit with the traditional theme. Anything to do with gold is perfect for 50th wedding anniversary gifts, and that doesn’t mean they have to be made of gold. Why not take your wife away for an unforgettable vacation? Keeping in tune with the 50th anniversary theme take a journey to Australia’s Gold Coast.

There is also the option of a porcelain dinner service trimmed with gold flake. There are plenty of wines with ‘gold’ in their name, making them perfect 50th anniversary gift ideas. As the couple are more, shall we say ‘mature’, why not buy them luxury gifts or unusual items they’d never have thought about buying for themselves? Eternity Rose are a company that has perfected a process that dips a single rose bloom in precious metal. Their gold-dipped roses would be perfect for a golden wedding anniversary couple. Another thoughtful gift would be a photograph from their wedding day in a gold coloured frame. Even better would be a family collage, filled with photographs of all the other family members, along with some special messages.

Jewellery and flowers make grand 50th wedding anniversary gifts, but how can you decide on the right gift to give such a special couple?

Tips on choosing the best 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas

You might not believe it but couple’s soon to be celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary can actually register for a gift registry, which could be a great option if an anniversary party is planned. Just like a wedding gift registry the couple can choose some of the gifts they’d love to receive. However, some people feel that this is a very impersonal option and would much rather risk some very unusual wedding anniversary gifts by letting people pick their own. If you’re soon to be attending a wedding anniversary party and are wondering how to pick the best gift possible, keep reading because we’re about to give you some tips. Advice that will reduce the likelihood of your gift ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary being the ones that are laughed about for years to come. Make sure your gift is given pride of place in the couple’s home by following our guide:

  • A suitable 50th wedding anniversary gift will be one that reflects the lifestyle, needs, taste and preferences of the anniversary
    couple. Dinner sets or glassware are certain to be well received.
  • A 50th anniversary gift idea that can be kept forever are a matching pair of engraved champagne flutes. What better way to toast the day than with a pair of beautifully personalized glasses.
  • Keep in mind the age of the couple as there will be certain items that aren’t needed. Kitchenware, glassware, pots and pans and kitchen gadgets might not be what they need.
  • Don’t be embarrassed about approaching the couple’s children or close family members to get a better idea of the kind of gift they’d like.
  • Think about the couple’s interests when deciding on a fiftieth anniversary gift. If they love to travel then give them some travel accessories. If food is their passion then coupons for a renowned restaurant are going to bring a smile to their faces.
  • If you are a close friend or family member see if any others will be interested in pitching in for an extra special gift.
  • If you are really unsure about the kind of gift to buy then consider some smaller items such as candles, picture frames, and other ornaments or decorations.

What happens when the couple are your parents? You really want to find a special gift that clearly conveys how proud you are, and how grateful you are for all that they’ve done. An anniversary gift for your parents has to be pretty special, so maybe a few pointers are required. Glassware, dinner sets, picture frames and gold coloured vases aren’t going to convey your message in the best way.

50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

    • happy 50 years togetherAll-inclusive weekend away.
    • An experience day – The chance to try something they’ve always dreamt of.
    • A book of coupons – Think of all those niggly odd-jobs you’ve been promising to do but never got round to them. Give them a coupon book will all these odd-jobs so they can cash in their coupon and get the job done by you.
    • Organise a family get-together – During the fifty years that they’ve been married friends and family have come along and many will have located to new places. For their fiftieth wedding anniversary get in touch with some of these long lost family and friends. Invite them to your parents golden wedding.

anniversary and take care of all the details.

Fifty years is half a century… quite a sizeable length of time. We hope that you enjoy your golden wedding anniversary, and wish you all the best for the future.